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Jumping on Box

Custom Programming (1 year)

Excluding Sales Tax

1 year of programs custom tailored to your goals, your needs, and what equipment you have available.

  • How it works:

    I will have a chat/video call with you to discuss your goals, create a year long periodized plan that will help you achieve those goals, and all of the different programs will be included.

    Free modifications to the plan as needs change/if life gets in the way

  • What to expect:

    When purchasing this product, you will not receive your program instantly. 

    You can expect me to email you within 5 business days to set up a chat or call to discuss the next steps. Then, within the next week, you will receive your periodized plan, and a first draft of all of the programs that are a part of your plan.


    At anytime, if a program ceases to be doable and/or needs to be modified, email me and I will modify it according to your needs free of charge.

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