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VR Workout

Welcome to Online Coaching

Connect with me wherever you are

Personal training made much, much more convenient

Why Personalized?

Only 2% of people achieve their fitness goals. Of that 2%, roughly 90% had trainers...

What you need

The best workout plan is the one that is suited to your goals, your needs, the exercises you enjoy with a dash of hard work and accountability...

DESIGned with excellence

I have almost a decade of experience in the industry. You will receive nothing less than excellent coaching.

Workout from anywhere

From Montreal, to LA, to Shanghai... You can workout and reach me at anytime, from anywhere. 


Choose your pricing plan

  • Online Programming

    Every month
    Customized Programs
    • Customized Program Every Month
    • Coaching Call once a month to plan the next program
    • Powered by TrueCoach
    • Video Demos for exercises
  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    Month by Month
    • Everything from Online Programing plus:
    • * Chat with your Coach whenever you need
    • * Coaching calls scheduled whenever you need
    • * Send your coach videos for feedback
    • * Ultimate accountability: constant Coach monitoring

Autorenewal Disclaimer: Plans renew monthly.

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