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A Personal Approach

Assessment & Diagnosis

Progress to the next level...

Price: 130

Time: 45-60min

In the gym or by videocall, we execute your individualized treatment plan and modify your plan of care as you get better.

At all times I insure your plan is tailored to how you are progressing so that your recovery is optimized.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Bring up new questions or concerns

  • Be re-evaluated/remeasured

  • Find new solutions 

  • Progress your plan of action to the next steps

  • Progress your exercise program

Find out what is going on...

Price: 130
Time: 60min

Seeing a Physical Therapist always begins with an evaluation.

A Physiotherapy evaluation is an in depth, professional exam that is fundamental to achieving a diagnosis of your pain or injury.

A detailed history will be taken, followed by an objective evaluation (e.g.: measuring your range of motion, strength, balance, etc.) All of this will lead to your diagnosis and treatment options.

Together we will create an action plan to make you feel whole again. This involves educating you on your condition and management options, an exercise program and--when indicated--some hands on therapy. 


Follow-Ups: Continued Care


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